An Atlas to understand the present. 


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"Atlante delle Guerre e dei Conflitti del Mondo" is an Italian independent editorial project, born in 2009 and dedicated to creating an Atlas mapping injustices, wars and situations of conflict across the world.

The yearly publication collects
analyses from experts, journalists and photoreporters, and from the main Non Governmental Organizations in the field.

For the first time ever,
a full, English version is coming. 


From environmental injustices to humanitarian crises, from UN peacekeeping interventions to conflicts about to escalate,
we've got you covered. 
256 pages.
Hundreds of photographs from war reporters.
62 up-to-date "conflict tabs" with the Why's, the Who's, the How's.
Over 30 analyses exploring regional and global issues.
10 maps explaining data and complex phenomena.

One World to understand. One Atlas.

"We are partisans, which means, we picked a side.
We are, and always will be, against all wars."

Raffaele Crocco - Founder and director, 
Atlas of Wars and Conflicts in the World.